• Simple, Mobile and Easy to Use Day Care Reporting

  • Lovingly Developed By Parents and Child Care Educators for Parents and Child Care Educators

  • Parents will love getting secure updates from you straight to their Computers and Mobile devices

Save time, minimize paper and reporting distractions.

  • Dear Child Care Educators, you are in a room with 20 children, your job is to plan, connect, observe, have fun, help, teach and take care of your students. Later on you are expected to recall and document your observations. How are you currently doing this?

    1.   You take notes/logs etc. on paper

    2.   You then type these notes into your laptop for compliance and reporting

    3.   You then print this to update the parents

    Over 30% of your time is spent with paper distractions such as taking attendance, writing lesson plans,toilet monitoring and food intake documentation. This can all be automated and recorded in 1 tap.

    Child Care record keeping and planning while updating Directors and parents could be easier. With DayCare Web and Mobile App all information is easily recorded accurately and accessible in 1 place. Reports and Information that matters are easy to come back to.

  • idea One Tap Attendance Logging

    • Online and Real Time Attendance Sheet
    • Reported to parents and director real time
    • Report sheet exportable to excel spreadsheet
  • idea One Tap Nap Time Recording

    • Online and Real time Nap time recording with live timer
    • Reported to parents and director real time
    • Report sheet exportable to excel spreadsheet
  • idea One Tap Toilet/Nappy monitoring Recording

    • Online and Real time toilet activity recording
    • Reported to parents and director real time
    • Report sheet exportable to excel spreadsheet
  • idea One tap food intake recording

    • Online and real time
    • Allows you to record what the student ate from previously set meal plan
    • Allows you to record how much food is eaten
  • idea Two-Tap Activity or Photo Observation Recording

    • Allows you to select an activity from your Lesson Plan
    • Allows you type in observations on the go for a specific student and/or activity
    • Allows you to upload photos of students on that activity. No need to connect your camera to the computer to export pictures!
    • Allows you to publish the photo and observation to be viewed real time by parents. Parents will be happy to get updates on their mobile device
    • Allows you to record a voice observation for later review.
  • idea One Time Documentation

    • Reports added via your I-Pad ,I-Phone or any other device is automatically synced to your computer real time.
    • Directors and other team members can access shared reports real time.
    • No need to re-type reports. Reports could easily be exported on Excel and PDF files.
    • Reports can be easily printed with beautiful backgrounds and your centre’s logo

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Lesson and Activity Planning Made Easy

idea Create , review and edit lesson plans online. Accessible anywhere with internet.

idea Allot activity to a specific date and time of the day. You can plan your whole year.

idea Assign lessons to a specific student or group. Personalize activity per student.

idea Indicate Activity Type and EYLF Outcome / Sub Outcomes.

idea Full digital history of your lesson plans.

idea Create meal plans for Breakfast, Morning Snack, Lunch, Afternoon Snack

Improve Collaboration and Communication with Parents. Give information that matters to them real time!

Child care is a collaborative work between the Educators and the Parents.

Your child care centre can now provide a simple and better loop of communication between parents and educators.

Real time update improves parent’s involvement and improves your service.

ideaParents will be happier seeing more of what is happening at school.

ideaParents can connect more to their children about school activities.

ideaParents can view observation reports and photos of their children.

ideaParents can view meal plans and review their child’sfood intake

ideaParents can view nap time reports

ideaParents can view nappy and toilet change reports

ideaParents can view log in reports