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Vroom, vroom, beep, beep!


Children just love transportation theme – weather it’s on land, sea or air, they get fascinated by how these machines move and what things it can do.


Discover the world of transportation together through songs, art activities, and experiments.


Here are some great and popular activities I put together. Some of them I did in my own classroom while some are borrowed from other teacher blogs. Pick your favorite and make them your own!




Sing about transportation with traditional nursery rhymes:


The Wheels on the Bus
Row, Row, Row Your Boat


Or introduce the different types of transportation with the Transportation Song by Peter Weatherall



Another is Transportation Song – Cars, Planes and Trains



This song plays with the sounds of different transportation and it will surely be a hit in your class! We All Go Travelling By



This video is also available as a book.


I can Hear Cars!


Go outside and spy for different sounds of transportation you’ll hear. Let your children guess what it is and copy the sound of the car, bicycle, bus, train or even a plane or helicopter.


Back in the classroom make a simple YES or NO chart.


YES or NO chart


Transportation Art


Let the children use their creativity to draw their favorite transportation.


Observational Transport Drawing


It is very easy to prepare but at the same time it can be challenging for your little ones.




  • Printed pictures of transport

  • Texta

  • Water colour paint


Observational Transport Drawing


The children looked at the printed pictures and chose what they wanted to draw.


They draw their chosen transportation with a marker.


draw their chosen transportation with a marker


Using paint, they color their drawings.


Using paint, they color their drawings


Rollin’ Rollin’


which objects will roll down the rampLand transportation moves with wheels.


Try different materials and test which shape, texture and material best rolls on platforms.


You may let children look for their own materials or provide materials like bottle caps, clay, marbles, and blocks.


Track ‘em


drawn tracksDraw tracks on an area in your classroom and invite children to follow the tracks with their toy cars.


This is a great idea for fine motor skill practice on different kinds of lines.


Or, entice your little boys to practice tracing letters and numbers while pretending to be race car drivers.


Cut sand paper into a numeral or letter so your children can trace them with their toy cars.


Create roads and tracks in your sensory bin. Use seeds, pebbles, sponges and other materials for your child to explore while pretending to go around traffic.


Car Painting


Let children print their own tracks.


All you need are toy cars, paper and paint.


Car Painting


Place paint on a low container or tray so the children will have an easier time dipping the wheels of their car.


car printing


Let them move their cars on paper to create tracks or their own art!


Parking Lot Letter Match


Parking Lot Letter Match


Make a pretend parking lot and label each slot with big letters.


Label toy cars or cut out cars with small letters.


All children need to do it to match their cars with the right parking slot.


Road Safety


Teach safety and cooperation using big “community tracks” and toy cars.


community tracks


Teach proper courtesy on the road even if they are not the ones driving. Children are great at giving their parents reminders on road safety and courtesy.


Play Stop and Go


Play Stop and Go



  • Red, yellow, green coloured paper

  • Scissors and markers

  • Popsicle sticks

  • Tape or glue




  • Trace/ draw a circle on red, yellow and green paper.

  • Cut red, yellow and green circles.

  • Write “go” on the green circle, “stop” on red and “slow” on yellow.

  • Stick them on popsicle sticks with tape or glue.


The rules are simple: Let your children move around when the traffic light is green and stop whatever they are doing when the light is red. They also need to move slowly when the light is yellow


I know Road Safety


big bus


Create a big bus, car or train and encourage children to role play safety tips while inside a moving vehicle.


You may visit:  for more details on road safety for children.


Happy teaching!


Special thanks to Lucélia Ribeiro for the main image.

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