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Kids will be kids, that’s what everybody says. And when it comes to little kids, from toddlers to those who are in their pre-school age, proper hygiene is not exactly something that they jump up and down for.


As educators however, we can’t just leave that kind of work with the parents. We have a huge role to play too, something that we can start to address through this classroom activity.


If it takes forever for these kids to jump into the tub after playing in the dirt all day, don’t expect the process of dragging them to the sink to brush their teeth would be a breeze, either. There’s just something about it that makes it seem like a tedious task to kids.


But with a little bit more knowledge about what happens behind the scenes inside your mouth, these kids just might be able to motivate themselves to brush their teeth regularly.


What You Need


  1. A hard-boiled egg with pure white shell
  2. A glass
  3. A can of dark brown soda (like cola)
  4. Some toothpaste
  5. A toothbrush


What to Do


  1. Place the egg inside the glass.
  2. Pour the soda into the glass, making sure that you have the entire egg covered with it.
  3. Leave the egg submerged in the dark brown soda overnight. For now, you can ask the kids for predictions – what will happen to the egg?
  4. The next day, remove the egg from the glass. Have a discussion about the results.
  5. Give each child a toothbrush and some toothpaste and have them take turns in cleaning up the egg. While they’re doing this, make the connection. Explain how the egg represents their teeth, and how the soda represents every food and drink they take in during the day.
  6. Have another discussion about what the kids think would happen if they let their teeth go without brushing for more than a day.


Hopefully, with this experiment, your students will realize how bad their teeth would look like without proper brushing. You may want to emphasize as well that missing out on this routine does not just give them darker teeth – it gives them smelly ones, too!


Special thanks to Stephanie Sicore for the main image.

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