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Children love to talk about themselves and they are very curious about their bodies too.


I like to start teaching children about their different body parts by using one of Eric Carle’s books “From Head to Toe.”  


This is a fun book that invites children to move as they learn the different names for their body parts.


What I like to do is to read the text from the book first and then point at the different body parts as I go along.


After reading and talking about the story and the body parts, I invite the children to follow the movements in the book. Some copies of the book has a CD of the song version of the book included. If not you can always search through Youtube:



The children loves to dance and move like the animals in the story. A lot of giggles and cuteness happen here.

Big Body Puzzle


To reinforce the lesson on body parts, I ask children to pair up and trace each other’s body parts.


Roll out a large piece of craft paper or any paper big enough for this activity. Then, have one of the children lay down on the floor while the other traces the outline of the body using a crayon. Have them take turns of course.



Big Body Puzzle
Image Credit: BelmontChildCare


Markers would look better but there is a big chance the children may write on the clothes or skin of their partner so I like using crayons better (especially the washable ones).


If the children are too young, I do the tracing for them instead.


The children are often amazed when they see their outline. I ask them to draw the parts of the body that they know like hair, face, knees, and belly button on the outline.


We cut the body parts to make into a puzzle for the next day.


Story Mini Book


We use the song for circle time and move along with it.


We made a class book out of the story. I made cut outs of the animals and ask the children to arrange the animals according to how it was presented in the story.


I made the animal cutouts with board paper so it is sturdier for little hands to manipulate over and over.


I made pages with felt paper or Velcro (add Velcro at the back of the animals as well). Make sure to make it sturdy by adding thin cardboard.


I add the body part labels and the matching action words as well.


We arrange the animals as a class and then leave the book in the reading corner where children can use it on their own.


I Can Do It


Using the book’s repetitive phrase “I can do it.” I ask the children to share about what things they can do very well (singing or dancing, for example) or things that they can do and very proud about (tying shoelaces by themselves and brushing teeth).


I ask the parents help to send pictures of these and then we compile it into a class book


There are so many things you can do to teach about the body parts. This is one of my favorites. How about you?


Oh, click below for animal printables:


From Head to Toe Animal Printables

From Head to Toe Book pages 

I Can Do It page 


Special thanks to Eric C Snowdeal III for the main image.

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