Meeting the teacher. First School Day

How to Have a Good Relationship with Your Child’s Educator

As parents sending their children to school for the first time, there may be a lot of things you are worried about.   This is understandable, you would not want to entrust your child, your most precious bundle of joy, … Read More

mom and sick child

Children’s Health in Autumn and Winter Seasons

Autumn sure is cooler and it is a welcome break from the hot summer days.   Unfortunately the change in weather temperatures may mean bad things for some people especially children, elders and those with low immune system. Autumn and … Read More

Five Different Ways to Have an Easter Egg Hunt

Five Different Ways to Have an Easter Egg Hunt

Like Christmas, Easter is celebrated with joy around the world. Many people anticipate this day including the children as Easter is a happy time that concludes the usually somber Lenten days.   Putting Easter and children together brings about images … Read More

toddler's pet dogs

Perfect Pets for Young Children

Are you thinking about getting your child a pet?   If yes, you are now probably wondering what kind of pet you and your family are ready to take care of.   If this is your first time to have … Read More

father and son moment

How to Raise Kind Kids

As parents, we often do everything in our power to ensure our children achieve great success in school and in the future.   However, are we also making sure they grow up to be kind and caring individuals?   In … Read More

Boy crying

Improving Your Toddler’s Behaviour

Toddlers are very endearing in general. It’s that age where adults are often amazed about how fast they develop. They learn new things in a snap, making every parent feel like they gave birth to the next Einstein.   But … Read More

toddler and her pet

7 Remarkable Reasons Why You Should Get Your Child a Pet

Is your child asking for a pet dog or cat for quite some time now?   You may be thinking of reasons why you shouldn’t keep one at home – including the additional chore of taking care of the pet. … Read More

10 Great Blogs for Parenting Tips, Tricks, and What-Nots

Parenting can be such a tricky business that you would find yourself on opposite ends of the pole most of the time. You’ll find delight in the sweetest and cutest gestures that your little toddler would now be capable of, … Read More

Clueless Dads Breaking the Stereotype

Clueless Dads: Breaking the Stereotype

Each time moms get together, they talk about the same stuff.   How uncontrollable their pre-schooler has become.   How their newborn just wouldn’t stop crying.   How they need to clone themselves three or four times to get everything … Read More

How Kids Feel about their Gadget-Addicted Parents

How Kids Feel about their Gadget-Addicted Parents

It’s not unusual for parents to have a ‘no gadget’ rule for their kids. Some may allow their kids to fiddle with a tablet for a few minutes, but would restrict further use. And then again, there are those parents … Read More