paper roll sculptures

Looking for a quick art activity that is process oriented and fun yet challenging for little ones?


All you need are:

  • pieces of brightly coloured paper
  • glue
  • cardboard paper


to make the sculpture:

  1. Cut brightly coloured paper into different sizes.

    coloured papers
    Image Credit: Staples


  3. Let children roll the paper into tight circles. You may practice doing this first with the children before starting the art activity.

    toddlers rolling paper
    Image Credit: Artbar Blog


    This is also a good idea for fine motor practice.


  5. Dip the roll in the glue.
    Dip the roll in the glue


  7. Stick on the cardboard paper.
    Stick on the cardboard paper

You’ll have something like this:
paper sculptures
and an aerial view:
paper sculpture aerial view
This activity did not only help the children’s fine muscle development but it also invited them to think and strategize how to tightly roll the papers. It can be a bit difficult for small hands to roll paper tightly.


Some rolled paper may unroll easily or tend to bend and fold. The children addressed those “problems” and collaborated with other children and adults (like architects and engineers :) ).


This project does not have an ideal end product so children could stick their rolled paper anywhere they want, however they imagined.


You can also use old magazines and newspapers for this activity and paint them when the glue is dry.

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