toddlers reading ebook

Do Children Benefit From Digital Books?

Stephen King once said, “Books are uniquely portable magic.”   Flipping through pages of well-written books will transport you to different places around the world and even in other worlds. You will meet different characters from princesses to pirates, to … Read More

toddler watching tv

Real and Reel: How Young Children View Fictional Characters

Have you ever heard children using dialogues from their favorite TV programs when talking to other children or adults?   Children are exposed to a variety of media and there is a big chance that they imitate what they see. … Read More

toddler playing learning app

Top 7 Learning Apps for Children

There are thousands of available learning apps in iPhones and iPads for your children. Do you know which ones are the best for your child?   The use of tablet computers is not anymore a question of “Should we let … Read More

Technology In Classrooms

How to Choose The Right Technology And Media For Classroom Use

Our children belong to a digital generation. They do not know a world where computers and technology do not exist.   As the internet becomes the main venue to know and connect to the world in a very entertaining way, … Read More

children watching TV

What You Need To Know About Children’s Exposure To The Telly

Australia’s youngest children spend more time in front of the telly.   According to a 2013 study, parents admit letting their children sit in front of the screen because they are preoccupied with other things like house chores and work … Read More

7 things I learned Disney Princesses

7 Things I learned From Disney Princesses

Once upon a time…   Fairytales are part of oral tradition told to suit the needs of the society.   Back then, fairytales were usually grim, maybe to literally scare the children or perhaps because people then do not have … Read More

toddlers and tablet

Why You Should Think Twice Before Giving Your Kids Tablet Computers

Will you allow a 2 year old to use the iPad?   “I met a child who tried to color using the tip of his fingers!” exclaimed my guidance counselor friend after doing a preschool entrance assessment. At first, she … Read More