paper roll sculptures

Paper Roll Sculpture

Looking for a quick art activity that is process oriented and fun yet challenging for little ones?   All you need are:   pieces of brightly coloured paper glue cardboard paper   to make the sculpture:   Cut brightly coloured … Read More

playing with autumn leaves

Five Fabulous Fall Activities

Autumn brings the lovely shades of red, yellow, orange and browns again.   It is one of the best time to get the children outdoors and just let them observe the changing scenery.   Here are some other things you … Read More

toddler playing toy trucks

Terrific Things to Do for Transportation Theme

Vroom, vroom, beep, beep!   Children just love transportation theme – weather it’s on land, sea or air, they get fascinated by how these machines move and what things it can do.   Discover the world of transportation together through … Read More

head to toe

Teaching About Body Parts “From Head to Toe”

Children love to talk about themselves and they are very curious about their bodies too.   I like to start teaching children about their different body parts by using one of Eric Carle’s books “From Head to Toe.”     … Read More

Autumn Leaves

Enjoying Autumn: Three Ways to Use Autumn Leaves

If there’s one thing about autumn that could have every kid giddy with excitement, it’s the fact that they can find so many ways to have fun using all those warm-coloured leaves that the adults gather together and throw out … Read More

Four Fabulous Ideas to Teach Children about Their Sense of Sight

Teaching children about their five senses is a staple in every classroom.   Here are some activities that would surely help your children learn about the sense of sight:   Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?     … Read More

missing teeth

Teaching Proper Hygiene: A Toothbrush Experiment

Kids will be kids, that’s what everybody says. And when it comes to little kids, from toddlers to those who are in their pre-school age, proper hygiene is not exactly something that they jump up and down for.   As … Read More

Alphabet Popsicle Stick Game

Alphabet Popsicle Stick Game

There are several skills the children need to master before successfully learning how to read. One of those skills is the child’s ability to recognize letters and know the letter sounds.   There are many fun ways to help children … Read More

Crumpled Paper Spring Craft

Crumpled Paper Spring Craft

There are so many exciting spring crafts that the children can enjoy and learn from at the same time.   Here is one popular craft that is inexpensive and very easy to do.   Here are the materials you need: … Read More

flower printing using recycled bottles

Flower Painting with Plastic Bottles

Do you have lots of used plastic bottles sitting somewhere in your kitchen or storage?   If you do not know what to do with them but you do not like to throw them away either then reuse and recycle … Read More