Autumn Leaves

If there’s one thing about autumn that could have every kid giddy with excitement, it’s the fact that they can find so many ways to have fun using all those warm-coloured leaves that the adults gather together and throw out with the rest of the rubbish.
Of course, things like these open up new opportunities for learning, especially for those little toddlers under your care. So the next time you rake those leaves, don’t throw them straight to the rubbish just yet. Gather them into a bin and let your kids learn more about autumn.

Activities Using Autumn Leaves

The great thing about leaves is the fact that there are so many things you can do with it with a little bit of imagination. Using the leaves you collected, encourage the kids to think about different ways they can use it.

Need a few ideas?

Here are some suggestions:

Fall Leaf Painting Version 1

Enjoying Autumn- Three Ways to Use Autumn Leaves_1
1. Have each child get a few leaves from the bin. Let them paint one side of the leaves.

2. Press the coloured side onto a piece of paper. The leaf will leave a mark on the paper.

3. Have them try different colour combinations using different leaves for more variety.


Fall Leaf Painting Version 2

Enjoying Autumn- Three Ways to Use Autumn Leaves_2

  1. Have each child get a fresh set of leaves from the bin. Let them place a leaf on a piece of paper.
  2. Holding the leaf down, have them paint over the edges of the leaf.
  3. Remove the leaf and voila! You’ll have a cool leaf silhouette on the paper!
  4. Now ask them to do the same thing for other leaves. As much as possible, have them choose leaves of different shapes and sizes, and have them use different colours when they paint to add variety.


Fall Leaf Confetti

Enjoying Autumn- Three Ways to Use Autumn Leaves_3

  1. Get a bunch of dried up leaves and remove the stems and veins.
  2. Place the leaves into a huge bowl.
  3. Let the kids take turns in squishing the leaves into small pieces. At this point, you guys can also discuss what sounds leaves are making, and what their textures are. Are they making crunchy noises? Are some of the leaves harder to squish than the others? Make them see how the drier the leaves are, the ‘crunchier’ they also are.
  4. Try putting the leaves in a food processor, or you can try breaking them into even smaller pieces using a mortar.
  5. Once the leaves are small enough, put them in a salt shaker.
  6. Have the kids apply glue on their paper in different patterns, then shake some fall leaf confetti over it.
  7. Let their artwork air dry.

These are just three activities that you can have your kids enjoy using the autumn leaves you collected. You can also let them enjoy some pretend play, using the leaves as fans or as butterfly wings.

There is no limit to what their imagination can do when it comes to autumn leaves! This can definitely make them look forward to the season even more, while allowing you to make something you would automatically throw into the rubbish bin a lot more useful.

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