Five Different Ways to Have an Easter Egg Hunt

Five Different Ways to Have an Easter Egg Hunt

Like Christmas, Easter is celebrated with joy around the world. Many people anticipate this day including the children as Easter is a happy time that concludes the usually somber Lenten days.   Putting Easter and children together brings about images … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Dramatic Play

Everything You Need to Know About Dramatic Play

If a parent asks you, “Did my child just play all day?”   Answer with a resounding and very proud YES.   The National Association for Early Childhood Education (NAEYC) and the Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI) “recognize and … Read More

kids reading

An Educator’s Guide to Early Childhood Reading

Reading is one habit that every child should pick up at such a young age. However, its benefits are sometimes overlooked that early childhood tends to be geared more towards fun and play over reading activities.   But reading does … Read More

What Educators Should Prepare for the First Day of School

The first day of school is exciting and nerve wracking at the same time.   As educators, we anticipate meeting the children and we try our best to prepare everything to make sure that they have the best school year ever. … Read More

Using Digital Technology for Documentation in Early Childhood Education

Using Digital Technology for Documentation in Early Childhood Education

Effective, consistent and thoughtful documentation provides insights into children’s thinking and helps drive the future curriculum.   Documentation includes samples of work made by the children at different stages of completion.   These may include written comments by educators, transcriptions … Read More

multilingual child

5 Ways to Raise Multilingual Children

Children who can speak a second or a third language are seen as more intelligent compared to their peers who can speak only one language.   Studies have repeatedly shown that multilingual children have more mental flexibility and have more … Read More

music at daycare

Using Music in the Classroom

“Music is the universal language of mankind.”   This is one of my favorite quotes about music and it is especially true for children.   Infants are soothed by calming music hummed by their mums or playing softly in the … Read More

assertive educator

7 Handy Tips on Being an Assertive Educator

Assertive \ə-ˈsər-tiv, a-\ adj   characterized by bold or confident statements and behaviour confidently aggressive or self-assured   Assertiveness is something that is sometimes viewed negatively. After all, it is a term associated with aggression, a word used to sugar … Read More

child allergy

Easy Ways to Prepare School For Children With Allergies

Australia’s children aged 0-4 years old with food allergies increased five folds.   Sometimes its egg or cow’s milk, all kinds of nuts, sesame seed, soy, fish and shellfish and even wheat.   Allergies are more common now in different … Read More

Fussy Eater

Why Is Your Child Is A Fussy Eater?

Do not blame the child for being a fussy eater.   Studies repeatedly show that our eating behavior – food preference, patterns of food acceptance and rejection, and the types and amount of food a person eats develop from infancy … Read More