Libraries in Australia: Developing Literacy in Young Children

A US study “Role of Libraries in Children’s Literacy Development” found that libraries create a love for reading in children and “offer priceless opportunities for children to develop literacy skills.”   Aside from just being a stockroom for books, libraries … Read More

Australian Museum

9 Mind Boggling Museums to Visit in Australia

Museums house the greatest treasures of our culture.   Items inside a museum such as paintings of a world-renowned artists, interesting art installation,  thought provoking sculptures or a piece of history carved in a stone –  they are all proudly … Read More

toddlers in cadbury

Educational Tours: Food Factories to Visit in Australia

Some children think that the food they have on the table came out directly from the refrigerator or the supermarket.   It is a revelation for children to realise that the food they eat came from a farm and is … Read More

Australian Animal Farm

7 Animal Farms Your Child Should Visit in Australia

Spring is a good time to get the kids out and discover the world outside of the four walls of the classroom.   This season, it is a good idea to visit farms and have an authentic encounter with farm … Read More

Australian National Botanic Gardens

Outdoor Educational Tours: Botanical Gardens In Australia

There is no denying the advantages of being outdoors. It is a natural playground for children supporting physical, socio-emotional, and cognitive development that leads to better school performance and better health. It refreshes and recharges our mind and bodies as … Read More