easter daycare

Activities to Celebrate Easter the Australian Way

It is finally autumn and Australia anticipates one of their grandest tradition and celebration – Easter!   Yes, Easter. Unlike other parts of the world, Easter in Australia happens every autumn.   We did not move the date, we just … Read More

healthy family meal

Cooking Healthy Meals for Your Family

  Eating healthy food is vital for the development of children.   As parents, we should always aim to feed them the right food. But this is easier said than done.   Serving healthy food is difficult especially when you … Read More

Observation Reporting

On this video , you will learn: How to add observation documentation via the web application and phone application . How to add photos per observation . How to customize student’s photo sets to ensure that every parent receives a … Read More

Meal Naps and Nappy Reports

On this video you will learn:  How to lodge a Mealtime Rating via the Web or Phone app. How to customize a meal. How to lodge a Nappy Change rating via the Phone and Web app How to start and … Read More

Logging in and Attendance

In this video you will learn how  : To log in a student into the Mobile App Log Ins and Attendance is reported into your compute real time View various attendance reports. Export reports into PDF and/or Excel sheets.   … Read More

Programming/Curriculum Planning

In this video you will learn how: To use the DayCareApp in your Programming or Curriculum Planning. Schedule Activities/ Experiences for your room. Create an activity type. Tag EYLF Outcome and Sub Outcome for each planned activity Export list of … Read More

Setting Up Your Centre

On this video, you will learn how: To set up Rooms for your Centre. To Create Educator Profiles along with their user access to the system. To Create Parent Profiles  along with their user access to the system. Create Student … Read More

Introduction Demo

On this video you will learn: The general functions of the Web and Phone Application. A quick overview of how to use the app as a tool.   This is a 5 minute introduction video.