Cupcake Paper Flowers

Flowers are just beautiful things.
Children are curious of how flowers bloom especially in springtime.
Here is a craft activity inspired by the beautiful spring flowers.



  • Cupcake paper
  • Glue (in squeezable bottle or cups)
  • Dry seeds, beads or buttons
  • Card stock
  • Paintbrush (optional)
  • Watercolour (optional)


All the children need to do is:

  1. Glue the bottom of your cupcake paper on the card stock.

    Glue the bottom of the cupcake


    If you have very young children, I recommend you put glue in cups and let them dip a paintbrush. The cupcake paper maybe delicate so too much glue may put a hole on the paper or damage the cupcake paper.


  3. Dot some glue in the cupcake paper.

    Dot some glue in the cupcake paper


  5. Sprinkle with sparkly beads, buttons or dry seeds.

    Sprinkle with sparkly beads


  7.  Add popsicle sticks or paper strips for stems.


Spring Flower Bowl
Image Credit: martha stewart

You may also let children dip the tips of the cupcake paper lightly on different coloured paint before sticking them on the cardstock.


This activity is a great project for a flowers or spring unit.


Use real dry seeds to concretize the idea of pollens and seeds.
This is also a great activity for fine muscle control as the cupcake paper is very delicate.
Children are encouraged to be creative in adding more details around the flowers.


Special thanks to Pixabay for the main image.

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