Crumpled Paper Spring Craft

There are so many exciting spring crafts that the children can enjoy and learn from at the same time.
Here is one popular craft that is inexpensive and very easy to do.
Here are the materials you need:

  • Crumple tissue paper or coloured thin craft paper
  • Cardboard paper or any thick paper
  • Coloured paper
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Small cups for paint

It is quite simple to do:

  1. Cut the coloured paper to look like a flower pot. Let the children stick the flower pot on a paper.
    Cut the coloured paper

  3. Using a paint brush, paint stems from the flower pot to a certain height.
    paint stems from the flower

  5. Let children tear coloured, thin craft paper and crumple.

If you are using tissue, you may paint the tissue first.

  1. Stick the crumpled paper on top on the painted stems.
    Stick the crumpled paper

The children’s finished product:
children’s finished product
You may use the same crumpled paper art to make trees, hearts, eggs or other designs.
Let the children be creative and choose their own colours and design – even for the stem and flower pot.


This is a good activity for a plant theme. You can let the children add other parts of the plant that they know of or observe like leaves and roots.


The tearing and crumpling of paper is good for the fine motor development of children. They will need to have a well-developed fine motor muscle when they are ready to write letters and numerals.
Happy teaching!

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