Painting with Salt and Glue

Does your child love to paint?   This is one easy, inexpensive and super cool painting technique the children will be engrossed doing.   The materials you need are:   White glue Liquid watercolor or food colour Salt Medicine dropper/eye … Read More

Dinosaur Fossil Hunt

Dinosaur Fossil Hunt

  Do your children love dinosaurs?   Whether it be the size, the physical characteristics, the skill or power the dinosaurs have or simply the fact that it does not exist anymore – children are fascinated with them.   Read … Read More

Fun Cooking (and Eating) Activities for Your Class

Fun Cooking (and Eating) Activities for Your Class

Just because they’re kids does not mean that they’ll be completely useless in the kitchen. Think Junior MasterChef Australia, and you’ll know that there’s more to these kids than meets the eye when it comes to cooking.   But aren’t … Read More

kids reading

An Educator’s Guide to Early Childhood Reading

Reading is one habit that every child should pick up at such a young age. However, its benefits are sometimes overlooked that early childhood tends to be geared more towards fun and play over reading activities.   But reading does … Read More

Half Body Farm Animals Drawing and Colouring Activity

Half Body Farm Animals Drawing and Colouring Activity

Animals are always a sure hit with kids, especially when it comes to farm animals. There’s just something about these amazing barn critters that appeals to kids of different ages. And this huge interest that they have can be something … Read More

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The Secret for Your Child’s Brighter Future

Do you want a bright future for your child?   The Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research found something to make children do better as they age.   Plus, it is possible for children regardless of parental income, … Read More

Puzzle for Child Development

4 Puzzles for Your Child’s Development

Puzzles teach children life-skills.   Studies link puzzles in development of different areas like   fine motor skills hand-eye coordination problem-solving skills spatial skills improved Mathematics ability language and vocabulary development patience and perseverance self-esteem   Puzzles for children come … Read More

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Activities to Teach Children About Emotions

Emotional development in children is linked to school success and better mental health.   Teaching children about emotions is a big part of the early childhood centres’ day to day. Being very young, children do not understand the concept of … Read More

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Playing with Clay: What are the Benefits?

Admit it. You enjoy playing with clay as much as the kids in your class enjoy it.   Clay is one thing that could makes those little heads pop up in anticipation in any class, regardless of age. The moment … Read More

Why Puzzles are Important for Learning

Why Puzzles are Important for Learning

Puzzles are good exercise for your brain.   Puzzles are visual and tactile toys that challenge children to think and solve the “problem.” Puzzles can be made of wood or board, they can be shape sorters, picture puzzles, number or … Read More