healthy family meal

Cooking Healthy Meals for Your Family

  Eating healthy food is vital for the development of children.   As parents, we should always aim to feed them the right food. But this is easier said than done.   Serving healthy food is difficult especially when you … Read More

toddler watching tv

Real and Reel: How Young Children View Fictional Characters

Have you ever heard children using dialogues from their favorite TV programs when talking to other children or adults?   Children are exposed to a variety of media and there is a big chance that they imitate what they see. … Read More

toddler playing learning app

Top 7 Learning Apps for Children

There are thousands of available learning apps in iPhones and iPads for your children. Do you know which ones are the best for your child?   The use of tablet computers is not anymore a question of “Should we let … Read More

toddler and her pet

7 Remarkable Reasons Why You Should Get Your Child a Pet

Is your child asking for a pet dog or cat for quite some time now?   You may be thinking of reasons why you shouldn’t keep one at home – including the additional chore of taking care of the pet. … Read More

Valentine Day Experiment: Growing Heart Crystals

Valentine ’s Day is not just for couples.   It is a good time to talk to children about actions that show love like sharing and being fair, being gentle, tolerant and respectful.   Here is a sweet experiment your … Read More

Messy Art Recipes

Messy Art Recipes for Fun!

Making art with the children is always messy especially if you let them enjoy the process and be creative.   Allowing children to create anything – even when it gets messy – sends them a message that you value their … Read More

First Day of School Activity: Self Portrait

The first day of school is usually charged with a mix of emotions from parents, educators and children.   Each year I hope and pray that every child in my room will be able to adjust in school and we’ll … Read More

spoiled child

Are You Raising A Spoiled Child?

Studies show that children who are spoiled grow up as adults who are faced with depression, anxiety substance abuse and suicide.   If you are not sure, go over the checklist. Is your child:   rude to you and other … Read More

finger painting

Process Oriented Art in the Classroom: Doing Art for Children’s Sake

Doing art activities with your child helps in achieving the full potential of the mind.   Gifted children’s brains show that when they solve problems in their areas of giftedness, there is an increased electrical activity in the left and … Read More

kids playing pirates

Things You May Not Know About Your Child’s Imaginative Play

Play is a full time job.   There are many kinds and stages of play that your child engages in to understand the world they live in. One such kind of play is imaginative play (others call it role play, … Read More