Meeting the teacher. First School Day

How to Have a Good Relationship with Your Child’s Educator

As parents sending their children to school for the first time, there may be a lot of things you are worried about.   This is understandable, you would not want to entrust your child, your most precious bundle of joy, … Read More

toddlers reading ebook

Do Children Benefit From Digital Books?

Stephen King once said, “Books are uniquely portable magic.”   Flipping through pages of well-written books will transport you to different places around the world and even in other worlds. You will meet different characters from princesses to pirates, to … Read More

mom and sick child

Children’s Health in Autumn and Winter Seasons

Autumn sure is cooler and it is a welcome break from the hot summer days.   Unfortunately the change in weather temperatures may mean bad things for some people especially children, elders and those with low immune system. Autumn and … Read More

Australian Educator

Guide on How to Have Your Teaching Qualification Accredited in NSW

New South Wales early childhood teachers are now required to have their qualifications accredited similar with their peers in primary and secondary schools.   This is good news as finally early childhood educators are being recognized as the professionals they … Read More

toddler's pet dogs

Perfect Pets for Young Children

Are you thinking about getting your child a pet?   If yes, you are now probably wondering what kind of pet you and your family are ready to take care of.   If this is your first time to have … Read More

Libraries in Australia: Developing Literacy in Young Children

A US study “Role of Libraries in Children’s Literacy Development” found that libraries create a love for reading in children and “offer priceless opportunities for children to develop literacy skills.”   Aside from just being a stockroom for books, libraries … Read More

father and son moment

How to Raise Kind Kids

As parents, we often do everything in our power to ensure our children achieve great success in school and in the future.   However, are we also making sure they grow up to be kind and caring individuals?   In … Read More

head to toe

Teaching About Body Parts “From Head to Toe”

Children love to talk about themselves and they are very curious about their bodies too.   I like to start teaching children about their different body parts by using one of Eric Carle’s books “From Head to Toe.”     … Read More

Australian Museum

9 Mind Boggling Museums to Visit in Australia

Museums house the greatest treasures of our culture.   Items inside a museum such as paintings of a world-renowned artists, interesting art installation,  thought provoking sculptures or a piece of history carved in a stone –  they are all proudly … Read More

Four Fabulous Ideas to Teach Children about Their Sense of Sight

Teaching children about their five senses is a staple in every classroom.   Here are some activities that would surely help your children learn about the sense of sight:   Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?     … Read More