Alphabet Popsicle Stick Game

There are several skills the children need to master before successfully learning how to read. One of those skills is the child’s ability to recognize letters and know the letter sounds.
There are many fun ways to help children master letter name and letter sound recognition.  These games and activities are very easy to make and fun to play with the children.
All you need is a trusty pack of popsicle stick or tongue depressor or craft stick – whatever you call it.  You  need around 30 pieces.
craft stick
I love using these materials for a variety of things including a quick ice breaker for the children:
A cup or a colored jar
colored jar
colored markers
And a timer (optional).
To prepare the game, write the letters of the alphabet on the popsicle stick, one letter per stick. You can use upper case or lower case or both.
letter sticks
Then, on four sticks write the word KABOOM. The blog: Mom Inspired Life calls this game Letter Sounds Kaboom so that’s what she wrote on the sticks.
You can write whatever your children are into at the moment. Mine likes ZAP and BAM. So I wrote 2 ZAPs and 2 BAMs.
To play the game, put the popsicle sticks in the cup or glass just make sure that the letters are in the cup and the end without any writing should be the ones exposed.
Have the children divide in two or three small groups. Decide with a roll of the die who goes first (or just number the groups 1, 2 and 3).
Each member of the group should have a turn in picking a popsicle stick.
A child should get one stick, name the letter on the stick and make the sound of the letter. If the child/ group is able to do this correctly, they get to keep the sticks. If not, they put the stick back and the next group will play.
The game will go on until one group gets a KABOOM, ZAP or BAM. The group who got the stick should immediately return their sticks. Don’t worry there is a high chance for each group to draw at least one KABOOM, ZAP or BAM.
You can add a timer or you can go endless with the game!
Don’t forget to prepare your prices for the winners and non winning groups.
Have fun!

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