Boy crying

Improving Your Toddler’s Behaviour

Toddlers are very endearing in general. It’s that age where adults are often amazed about how fast they develop. They learn new things in a snap, making every parent feel like they gave birth to the next Einstein.   But … Read More

Alphabet Popsicle Stick Game

Alphabet Popsicle Stick Game

There are several skills the children need to master before successfully learning how to read. One of those skills is the child’s ability to recognize letters and know the letter sounds.   There are many fun ways to help children … Read More

toddler watching tv

Real and Reel: How Young Children View Fictional Characters

Have you ever heard children using dialogues from their favorite TV programs when talking to other children or adults?   Children are exposed to a variety of media and there is a big chance that they imitate what they see. … Read More

toddler playing learning app

Top 7 Learning Apps for Children

There are thousands of available learning apps in iPhones and iPads for your children. Do you know which ones are the best for your child?   The use of tablet computers is not anymore a question of “Should we let … Read More

toddler and her pet

7 Remarkable Reasons Why You Should Get Your Child a Pet

Is your child asking for a pet dog or cat for quite some time now?   You may be thinking of reasons why you shouldn’t keep one at home – including the additional chore of taking care of the pet. … Read More

Crumpled Paper Spring Craft

Crumpled Paper Spring Craft

There are so many exciting spring crafts that the children can enjoy and learn from at the same time.   Here is one popular craft that is inexpensive and very easy to do.   Here are the materials you need: … Read More

10 Great Blogs for Parenting Tips, Tricks, and What-Nots

Parenting can be such a tricky business that you would find yourself on opposite ends of the pole most of the time. You’ll find delight in the sweetest and cutest gestures that your little toddler would now be capable of, … Read More

flower printing using recycled bottles

Flower Painting with Plastic Bottles

Do you have lots of used plastic bottles sitting somewhere in your kitchen or storage?   If you do not know what to do with them but you do not like to throw them away either then reuse and recycle … Read More

Cupcake Paper Flowers

Cupcake Paper Flowers

Flowers are just beautiful things.   Children are curious of how flowers bloom especially in springtime.   Here is a craft activity inspired by the beautiful spring flowers.   Materials:   Cupcake paper Glue (in squeezable bottle or cups) Dry … Read More

Clueless Dads Breaking the Stereotype

Clueless Dads: Breaking the Stereotype

Each time moms get together, they talk about the same stuff.   How uncontrollable their pre-schooler has become.   How their newborn just wouldn’t stop crying.   How they need to clone themselves three or four times to get everything … Read More