spoiled child

Are You Raising A Spoiled Child?

Studies show that children who are spoiled grow up as adults who are faced with depression, anxiety substance abuse and suicide.   If you are not sure, go over the checklist. Is your child:   rude to you and other … Read More

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Process Oriented Art in the Classroom: Doing Art for Children’s Sake

Doing art activities with your child helps in achieving the full potential of the mind.   Gifted children’s brains show that when they solve problems in their areas of giftedness, there is an increased electrical activity in the left and … Read More

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Things You May Not Know About Your Child’s Imaginative Play

Play is a full time job.   There are many kinds and stages of play that your child engages in to understand the world they live in. One such kind of play is imaginative play (others call it role play, … Read More

Fun Cooking (and Eating) Activities for Your Class

Fun Cooking (and Eating) Activities for Your Class

Just because they’re kids does not mean that they’ll be completely useless in the kitchen. Think Junior MasterChef Australia, and you’ll know that there’s more to these kids than meets the eye when it comes to cooking.   But aren’t … Read More

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Parents Guide to Reading Books With Your Children

A new brain scan study explains that reading to children early and often activates that part of the brain that allows them to understand the meaning of language.   The General & Community Paediatrics of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre … Read More

Potty Training 101

Potty Training 101

Is it time to potty train your child?   Mastering potty training is an accomplishment for children.   Learning how to use the bathroom boosts children’s confidence because they feel more in control of their bodies.   They become more … Read More

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Educational Tours: Food Factories to Visit in Australia

Some children think that the food they have on the table came out directly from the refrigerator or the supermarket.   It is a revelation for children to realise that the food they eat came from a farm and is … Read More

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An Educator’s Guide to Early Childhood Reading

Reading is one habit that every child should pick up at such a young age. However, its benefits are sometimes overlooked that early childhood tends to be geared more towards fun and play over reading activities.   But reading does … Read More

What Educators Should Prepare for the First Day of School

The first day of school is exciting and nerve wracking at the same time.   As educators, we anticipate meeting the children and we try our best to prepare everything to make sure that they have the best school year ever. … Read More

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2016 Resolutions to Become a Better Parent

  The New Year is here and we can all cheer for a chance to start over.   As parents, we sometimes feel guilty of not doing enough for our children. We hear and read so many different, sometimes conflicting, … Read More