Technology In Classrooms

How to Choose The Right Technology And Media For Classroom Use

Our children belong to a digital generation. They do not know a world where computers and technology do not exist.   As the internet becomes the main venue to know and connect to the world in a very entertaining way, … Read More

Half Body Farm Animals Drawing and Colouring Activity

Half Body Farm Animals Drawing and Colouring Activity

Animals are always a sure hit with kids, especially when it comes to farm animals. There’s just something about these amazing barn critters that appeals to kids of different ages. And this huge interest that they have can be something … Read More

childcare centre

Parent Guide: A Child Care Centre Checklist

Yup, that day has come.   You’re finally ready to let go of your precious child, allowing them to experience a few hours of each day without you doting on them or following their every move.   And yes, especially … Read More

happy toddler

The Secret for Your Child’s Brighter Future

Do you want a bright future for your child?   The Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research found something to make children do better as they age.   Plus, it is possible for children regardless of parental income, … Read More

Using Digital Technology for Documentation in Early Childhood Education

Using Digital Technology for Documentation in Early Childhood Education

Effective, consistent and thoughtful documentation provides insights into children’s thinking and helps drive the future curriculum.   Documentation includes samples of work made by the children at different stages of completion.   These may include written comments by educators, transcriptions … Read More

Aussie Christmas

Six Ideas for Authentic Australian Christmas Activities

Ho,Ho, Ho summer is coming to Australia! Are you ready for some Christmas activities, crafts and recipes before the school year ends?   Since Australia’s Christmas is not at all cold and snowy, a lot of things that speak “Christmas” … Read More

Girl Holding Christmas Gift

Eight Practical Gifts to Give Children This Christmas

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for children need not be costly or extravagant.   As an early childhood educator and a mom, I tend to buy gifts that are more educational than trendy – although, I do tend to … Read More

meditation at beach

Top Things Educators Should Do During Summer Break

It is the summer holidays and for most children this means time to have fun at home and maybe at the beach.   But for us educators, it is not really vacation time.   Like all other professionals, we do … Read More

Toddler Discipline

What You Should Know About Developmentally Appropriate Discipline

As a parent, you may have heard the term “developmentally appropriate” from your physician or your Child Care provider.   What does it exactly mean?   One of the core considerations in implementing developmentally appropriate practices is the knowledge of … Read More

Puzzle for Child Development

4 Puzzles for Your Child’s Development

Puzzles teach children life-skills.   Studies link puzzles in development of different areas like   fine motor skills hand-eye coordination problem-solving skills spatial skills improved Mathematics ability language and vocabulary development patience and perseverance self-esteem   Puzzles for children come … Read More